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Grasses become weeds –

Chop chop jobs for the weekend ~

The snail, caring not.


A Monday haircut –

Shut in, the last customer ~

Free beer a nice touch.

Victorian Pub –

Stories stored in its timber ~

Nice curve on that bar.

A sleeping giant –

Roused by the morning Sun ~

Iron shirts to birdsong.  


Two nice hotel staff –
She’s helping him fold napkins ~
As he teaches her. 


Working on the roof –
Above the noise, amid green ~
Dragonfly, also. 

Chase the man to work –
Though oblivious to him ~
The scurrying ant.  

End of a long day –
It would have been longer still ~
Had I brush and oils.


Distracted with work –
Break and look out the window ~
Morning mist has cleared.


The clatter of plates –
And cutlery, glasses too ~
Eclipsed by Bach.

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