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Grasses let grow long –
Hisses amongst wild flowers ~
Don’t do this again.

Taking 66 –
Familiar thoughts, drifting ~
Crossing Potomac.

An Autumn morning –
Cooler and cooler it gets ~
Yet I feel warmer.


Distant sunset clouds –
Make believe a mountain range ~
Time is speeded up. 


Poles clang, sail and flag –
Small dinosaurs, signing off ~
Recalling Tang verse. 


Go fishing again –
Finally catch one, for once ~
Throw it back, happy. 


Somewhat distracted –
Take the blue line, not orange ~
They keep calling me. 

Hunting mosquitoes –
Now trapped in the tent ~ how sweet –
My blood no longer.

A big thunderstorm –

A chat between light and sound ~

Yes I know, I know. 

Feeling quite at home –

Rain, with bonus light and sound ~ 

Virginia storms.


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