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Firefly laden trees –
Finishing a decent book ~
Beyond that, the stars. 


The wind in the trees –
Unusually hot June ~
Pleasant reminders. 

A grove cathedral –
Sudden and complete silence ~
The boy inside, home.




Beautiful morning

Thinking of those whom I love ~

The wind in the trees.



Chattering finches –
In amongst the fallen leaves ~


Counting fallen leaves –
Always running out of time ~
So count them as one.

An Autumn morning –
Cooler and cooler it gets ~
Yet I feel warmer.


Showering outside –

The Sun shining in my face ~

The simple pleasures.   


Old birch, taken down –
It is still weeping, months since ~
Little pool of life.

The rain is falling –
On the year’s very last leaves ~
How sweet is the sound.


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