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Sound of chimney wind –

Gives February gusts a voice ~

Old memories.


Certainties in life:

Sun rising in the morning ~

Losing umbrellas.

The morning shower –

A slight pause for reflection ~

Warm rain on the ear.

Fat snowflakes falling –

A top floor nightclub lit up ~

A city’s flurries.

Delicious rain –

As long as you are inside ~

Watching the fireworks.


Walking down the street –
Girls stop and say ‘beautiful!’ ~
To my sunflowers. 

A good book outside –
Tiny flies sticking to it ~
Unable to move.

Squishy blackberries 
The Púca has defiled them ~
Leave them for the birds.

Small innocent beasts –
All set to kill already ~
Purring on my lap. 

Two kittens sleeping –
Smiling and kicking in dreams ~
Little raptor claws. 

Stroking kitten ears –
Collagen shell shaped beauty ~  
Ignores the TV.

Take the tram to town –
A pierced girl stands by the door ~
She’s reading Homer. 

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