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Walking down the street –
Girls stop and say ‘beautiful!’ ~
To my sunflowers. 

A good book outside –
Tiny flies sticking to it ~
Unable to move.

Squishy blackberries 
The Púca has defiled them ~
Leave them for the birds.


Catching crocuses –

Just before they go over ~

Vanguards of the Spring.  


Seasons are passing –
Fullness of Summer coming ~
A grave with old leaves.


Stored in three short lines –
Another moment in time ~
Hyacinth fragrance.


Happy New Year to all of my readers and fellow bloggers. I wish you the best of luck for 2014. Keep writing.

A planet with six seasons.


How will I imagine you?

Calm, how we lie languid and calm ~


The possibilities.

How we lie stretched, languid and calm.

Planets with their seasons.

A planet with six seasons.

Daffodils are spent
and need to be dead headed ~
How quickly things pass.

[Safe home Cmdr Hadfield]


Pentre Mawr sunset –
Vale of Clwd, shock of Spring ~
Nothing new for oaks.


Purple Hosta blooms –
Prove to be no distraction ~
For leaf hungry slugs.

Sandcastles, hailstones –
All the crabs are dead ~ bar one –
Shelly Rathmullan.

Pittosporum scent –
Exceeds all else, as night falls ~
The light from the fire.

Stephen’s fleeting blooms –
Passed over since the picture ~
Birdsong persisting.


Friendly Berliner –
On the U-Bahn ~ gives the nod:
Our stop for the Zoo.


Big statements abound –
Muscular architecture –
Echoes of Empire.


…and return again –
Enjoy grazing through the streets –
Foie Gras white wine brunch.


Markets in hangers –
That once housed big zeppelins ~
Many worlds since then.


Viennese manners –
Pianist plays ‘Danny Boy’ –
For us, at least thrice.


In Sisi’s garden –
Unsure about Achilles –
Mystery of Greece.


A pleasant aspect –
Neo-Hanseatic hub –
Remember Narva…


Little limestone blocks –
Carefully shaped, white paving –
Grander than an arch.


Christiania –
Bikes of sensible design –
The Children up front.


The most shocking news:
A pond with some dumped plastic –
Evening headlines.


The mad tourist crowd –
Buzzing on the Rialto –
My wife is asleep.


Morning sun on trees –
Yellow, brown leaves ~ tiny flies –
Take their time, also.

Winter Dublin Sun –
Brass Monkey weather, again ~
Mischief in the air…

Spring-feel of the place –
Low bright Sun, red bricks ~ Her light –
Cold-warmth of the place.

By the Grand Canal –
Birdsong, less sweet humansong ~
Very salty chips.

Little crucible:
An offering to the gods ~
Mountains, city, coast.

Project Ends. Twelve Months of Thematic Poetry – March 2011 – February 2012. ©Duncan Cleary. Thanks for watching.


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