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Azalea blooms –

Candying the short walk home ~

Sweeter still in rain.



Small blossoms –
Fill the night with fragrance ~


Marsh’s Library –
The Internet of its day ~
with added fragrance.


Evening bloom scent –
Such carefully planned planting ~
I, alone, outside.

Pittosporum scent-
There you are again ~ pity ~
It is Sunday night.


Fresh hyacinth scent –
St. Stephen’s beds, filled again ~
Floating through the Green.


Little stand of Euc’s –
Night stream fragrant ~ one last time ~
With their sawn down stumps.

Lillie’s night scent grows –
Time-bound in a vase ~ for moths –
Almost immortal.

Sandcastles, hailstones –
All the crabs are dead ~ bar one –
Shelly Rathmullan.

Pittosporum scent –
Exceeds all else, as night falls ~
The light from the fire.

Stephen’s fleeting blooms –
Passed over since the picture ~
Birdsong persisting.

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