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Take the tram to town –
A pierced girl stands by the door ~
She’s reading Homer. 


‘Planes land and take off –
With millions of stories ~
Bringing people home. 

To the Motherland for a while –
It is clear that I must visit the Sea –

Pick up the familiar clasts and cast them into the surf –

The headlands that I can trace in my sleep, as familiar as the back of my hands (changing with age, wind and sun) –

The sound of the waves, hypnotic and addictive, never easy to leave –

Easier knowing they will always be there, indeed there will always be an Ireland, long after we are all gone.


Opening a book – 

Your city, coming to life ~ 

The world entire.


Virginia rain –

Like home, it falls on my face ~

But it’s not like home. 

Only with hindsight –
Realization sets in ~
Ireland’s night silence.

Sun God reaching down –
Ireland renewed once again ~
Giza’s empty plain.


Image courtesy of Dave Walsh.

Post flight, wait for bags –
The carousel, they arrive ~
Old nun, beside him.

He stays to help her with hers –
Why do we do that? Strange beasts.


‘Tis a fine deluge –
Your darkness is now confirmed ~
The leaves will come back.

Carrowniskey Beach –
A Pterosaur flies again ~
High on the sea air.


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