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Walking down the street –
Girls stop and say ‘beautiful!’ ~
To my sunflowers. 

A good book outside –
Tiny flies sticking to it ~
Unable to move.

Squishy blackberries 
The Púca has defiled them ~
Leave them for the birds.


Two kittens sleeping –
Smiling and kicking in dreams ~
Little raptor claws. 

Many years away –
Henshin Robo, randomly ~
Waiting there for me…

Firefly laden trees –
Finishing a decent book ~
Beyond that, the stars. 

Hyacinth bouquet –
Rolling scent, rolling thunder ~
Caressing senses.

A school of brown rays –
Gathered and mating densely ~
Leaves in the ocean.


Loudly, water falls –
Busy Sunday at the park ~
Still, moments of peace.

Old wolf, in the night –
His head, resting on his limbs ~
The rain, pouring down. 

Virginja contrails –
Half moon cut with blue and white ~
Dinosaurs fly through. 

The wind in the trees –
Unusually hot June ~
Pleasant reminders. 

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