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Smallest fern, a weed –

Perhaps most enjoyable ~

The garden’s secret.


Raking Autumn leaves –
Colour of those still on trees ~
More enjoyable.


Rusticated walls –
Wood posing as stone, falseness ~
Most unlike the man.

The farm, the garden in bloom ~
Here he is, feeding the world.


The general’s house –

His sword at rest on his chair ~

Kale cane in the hall.

Stonewall Jackson House


Transplanting bamboo –
Job, and back, done by Sundown ~
Spring stream flies dancing.

People raking leaves –
Before them, did the grass die?
The plants before grass?


Gladioli, swords –
Standing guard for the Summer ~
Watch the days shorten.


The ant bites linger –
Long after the job is done ~
Holly tree’s revenge.


Old family home –
You could bottle the water ~
The source is so sweet.


Long Berberis thorn –
From a cut branch ~ goes in deep –
Revenge of the hedge.


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