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Paulownia blooms –
Littering the fresh cut lawn ~
Perhaps we’ll eat them.


Little purple fleurs –
Dotted low across the lawn ~
Survive my mowing. 

Hyacinth bouquet –
Rolling scent, rolling thunder ~
Caressing senses.

A lotus blossom –
Growing redder over time ~
As nice words are said. 

Fresh flowers, again –
I am making sure, once more ~
That the joy is shared.


Azalea blooms –

Candying the short walk home ~

Sweeter still in rain.


The bumble of bees.

The restarted walk of ants ~

We miss Winter not. 



Catching crocuses –

Just before they go over ~

Vanguards of the Spring.  


Pittosporum buds –

And others, ready to go ~

I miss them, this year.

The last melting snow –

Bulbs burst, their color not known ~

A new garden Spring. 

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