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Crows of Pristina

Oversee new cathedral ~

Excited chatter.


Evening birdsong –
Not those of my native land ~
Familiar now. 

Virginja contrails –
Half moon cut with blue and white ~
Dinosaurs fly through. 

Chattering finches –
In amongst the fallen leaves ~


Our turret rotates –
Languidly, in evensong ~
Big gun, balls of steel.

Poles clang, sail and flag –
Small dinosaurs, signing off ~
Recalling Tang verse. 


Chewing sugar cane –
Contentedly, in the sun ~
But birds want my crisps. 


A sleeping giant –

Roused by the morning Sun ~

Iron shirts to birdsong.  


Eight chicks going strong –
Mom, Dad, doing a good job ~
Well done, almost there!


Painting ‘raptor’s skull –
Spot mistakes, so will redo ~
To songs of its kin.


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