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Loudly, water falls –
Busy Sunday at the park ~
Still, moments of peace.


The morning commute –
Feeling illuminated ~
Total distraction.


Beautiful morning

Thinking of those whom I love ~

The wind in the trees.



Chattering finches –
In amongst the fallen leaves ~


Counting fallen leaves –
Always running out of time ~
So count them as one.

An Autumn morning –
Cooler and cooler it gets ~
Yet I feel warmer.


Pleasant Autumn night –
So nice to just sit and chat ~
Birds of a feather. 

Showering outside –

The Sun shining in my face ~

The simple pleasures.   


Fresh flowers, again –
I am making sure, once more ~
That the joy is shared.


Big storm coming in –
Taking down the tent – Jaysus ~
That spider was big.

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