A smile costs nothing ~
Leaving the office today ~
The cleaner, the guard. 

A school of brown rays –
Gathered and mating densely ~
Leaves in the ocean.


Metro ride to work –
Hipster with old camera ~
Gives seat to mama

Loudly, water falls –
Busy Sunday at the park ~
Still, moments of peace.

Thunder a-rumbling ~
Cosy raindrops on my roof ~
Flashing memory

The fan in the room –

Does nothing to change the heat ~

Until I am there.

Taking 66 –
Familiar thoughts, drifting ~
Crossing Potomac.

Trench geology –
Note before I go over ~
The layers of time.

Old wolf, in the night –
His head, resting on his limbs ~
The rain, pouring down. 

Evening birdsong –
Not those of my native land ~
Familiar now. 

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