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The morning shower –

A slight pause for reflection ~

Warm rain on the ear.


Small innocent beasts –
All set to kill already ~
Purring on my lap. 

Two kittens sleeping –
Smiling and kicking in dreams ~
Little raptor claws. 

Stroking kitten ears –
Collagen shell shaped beauty ~  
Ignores the TV.

Grasses let grow long –
Hisses amongst wild flowers ~
Don’t do this again.

Little purple fleurs –
Dotted low across the lawn ~
Survive my mowing. 

Ocean to mountain –

Now a riverside pathway ~

Folding space and time.

One hour from the strip –
More meaning in one crossbed ~
The Valley of Fire. 

Morning beam of light –
Penetrating the canyon ~
Lugh stroking Danú. 

Your dark gaping maw –
Ten meters from where I sleep ~
Dreaming of Deep Time.

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