Log in, work from home –

Mama fox and cubs gambol ~

Look at the smart ones. 



The bumble of bees.

The restarted walk of ants ~

We miss Winter not. 



Spring humidity –

Brings the year’s first thunderstorm ~

Children greeting Thor. 


The river flowing –

The bus home, crossing the bridge ~

Sunlit Potomac. 

I am marching home –

With my decision song –

I am marching home. 


Last Metro ride home –

My legs crossed, one is swinging ~



Anniversary –

A joyous year, passing by ~

White petals, floating. 


Cherry blossom’s peak –

Somehow, I’m the only one ~

Not taking selfies. 




These shadowed canyons –

Of Man’s making, per his needs ~

Artificial light. 


Refill bird feeder –

As it empties fast, again ~

Patient black squirrel. 



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