Ground soaking up rain –

Except where I left buckets ~

Signs of New Normal.


A scythe, a whisper –

Tugged up onto the thermals ~

Slow spiral descent.

Explaining prime numbers-

Daughter interrupts ~

Drags me back down the hill.

Peeling an orange –

‘Roll it first on the table’ ~

Daughter’s YouTube hints.

Much bigger ants here –

Trying hard not to kill them ~

Some kamikaze.

Continuity –

Clearly you’re a dinosaur ~

Hunting small mammals.

Starting a new book –

Bees bazonkers on hedge blooms ~

I’ll hold off the cut.

Beautiful jasmine –

The scent growing with the dark ~

Yet, the lane is blocked.

Kittens padding down –

Slowly, the patrol returns ~

Supreme arrogance.

Overdue rain smell –

The office door slams behind ~

Bring rescued plants home.

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