Feeling quite at home –

Rain, with bonus light and sound ~ 

Virginia storms.


Around the corner – 

The president’s white palace ~ 

Old woman, knitting.


Smallest fern, a weed –

Perhaps most enjoyable ~

The garden’s secret.


Opening a book – 

Your city, coming to life ~ 

The world entire.


Chase the man to work –
Though oblivious to him ~
The scurrying ant.  

An older couple –
Her arm around him, stroking ~
The last of his hair.

Moments before sleep – 

Stretching out all the day’s thoughts ~ 

Walk between raindrops.


The year’s first fireflies –
Waiting to see in the dark~
A fox cub, staring.

Memorial Day – 

An anniversary too ~ 

A neighbour’s roses.


Mistype a date –

A year, far in the future ~

Will have left by then. 


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