Newly bought orchid -

Reminder of home, except ~

It can live outside.


Cleary Orchid





Where did you come from?
Practically overnight ~
Old man eyebrow hair.

Soap is gone again -
Replaced for the umpteenth time ~
Must be eating it.

Rusticated walls -
Wood posing as stone, falseness ~
Most unlike the man.

The farm, the garden in bloom ~
Here he is, feeding the world.


The general’s house -

His sword at rest on his chair ~

Kale cane in the hall.

Stonewall Jackson House


Looking for meaning -
Centenary awaited ~
Just another day.


Corner of the eye -
Ghost, maybe a floater, or ~
Fleckin’ Mosquito…

Only with hindsight -
Realization sets in ~
Ireland’s night silence.

Foxes in the yard -
Playing ball, forget the wild ~
‘Till the door latch clicks.

Flower, not so big -
Verge-side, at its best, happy ~
Perhaps best of all.



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